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+ Attract Potential Buyers / Tenants Months Ahead!

+ Assist in Plan / Design of Remodels, Renovations!

+ Generate Investors, Lenders, Partners!

+ Train You Contractors and Installers!
Custom Interactive Virtual Staging can be used by select local retailers and showrooms to increase sales of flooring, carpeting, paint, fixtures, and/or furniture styles. Whether presented to potential customers/clients at the store (or location), workshop, online, or via Virtual Reality (for which the user wears VR goggles and can "walk" a specific property and make choices), this feature allows for specific choices to be made while maintaining the elements of the room or space.

FIRST IN Real Estate Marketing can also provide Custom Interactive Virtual Staging, created from blueprints or floor plans, for cooperating retailers to provide its customers or work directly with customers.

Our tech team and marketing team do all of the work, starting with custom creation from blueprints to applying specific colors/patterns/styles provided to working with your marketing person or team toward maximum use and benefit.

Whether you sell or distribute flooring/carpeting, paint, decorations, or install pools, decks, or landscaping, you can better serve your entire database!

Here's how it can work for you:

+ Ideal for "one on one" consultations with potential customers. Show them a local home and let them choose YOUR flooring, wall colors, fixtures, furniture styles

+ Perfect for hosting group presentations, DIY workshops, and homeowner seminars

+ Allow thousands of potential customers to access your website and plan their remodel, renovation, or room addition
"You can do so much more with Custom Interactive Virtual Staging than you could if you were standing inside the property!"
Show your innovations to potential investors, lenders, and partners while still in the planning stages. Great for office presentations, your website, or using Virtual Reality goggles anywhere in the world!

Train your contractors and installers ahead of time. Avoid project delays while reducing insurance risk.

Attract potential buyers/tenants weeks in advance of the ready date. Let them get the full vision of how THEIR furniture and desired flooring and paint will look if they buy/rent from you! Your savings and cost vary, since you can do selected rooms or areas, entire home or space, or several units.

Provide your brokers, listing agents, or leasing staff with the most important technology......
Custom Interactive Virtual Staging is available through FIRST IN REAL ESTATE MARKETING worldwide. Plans may include licensing, hosting, 24 hour support, viewer analytics, and additional marketing support. Cost is based on participation. Dealer or reseller inquires welcome. Information deemed accurate but not guaranteed. (800) 457-1958
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