Pre-Sell or Pre-Lease Your Properties Weeks Before They Are Ready!
Custom Interactive Virtual Staging is available through FIRST IN REAL ESTATE MARKETING worldwide. Plans may include licensing, hosting, 24 hour support, viewer analytics, and additional marketing support. Cost is based on participation. Dealer or reseller inquires welcome. Information deemed accurate but not guaranteed. (800) 457-1958
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Custom Interactive Virtual Staging is here to show your vision to everyone ranging from conventional and private lenders to contractors and installers to potential buyers / tenants whether the property exists or not. All you need are blueprints or floor plans and our team will create your property (whether entirely or selected rooms or common areas) to scale.

If you like, we can refer you to one of the architectural firms we work with to produce the specs and then provide your Custom Interactive Virtual Staging to best demonstrate your plan for a successful real estate investment.
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You can feature your Interactive Virtual Staging in any of a number of ways, ranging from your website(s) to your Sales Office to private meetings (works on any size monitor) to Virtual Reality goggles anywhere. Your property, as well as the lender, contractor, or potential buyer/tenant, can all be anywhere in the world.

Whether we work directly with you (as the developer, builder, or investor) or your selected architect, construction company, or materials supplier, your cost and savings will be detailed and determined before our tech team gets started!

All we need are your blueprints or floor plans to make this happen!

Works for any proposed or existing property - anywhere in the world!


+ Any and every website (Company, individual, associates)

+ Login, membership, client access website(s)

+ Private Session (Family members in different locations)

                            DIRECT PRESENTATION:

+ Your office/showroom, sales office, client office

+ Conferences, auditoriums, expos, conventions

+ Property site(s)

                     VIRTUAL REALITY GOGGLES